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  1. Hazelnut Truffle

    Hazelnut Truffle


    The rich & smooth mix of pure Swiss chocolate & real couverture Belgian chocolate with home made hazelnut filling covered with a rich robe of chopped nuts for that one in a million chocolate experience, the hazelnut truffle is a treat too good to be missed.

    NO added preservatives/ additives |  NO artificial colors | NO artificial flavors.

    Our ZERO adulteration policy ensures our chocolates are as good as they can get. 

    Truffles, and serving them in their truest form, is what any worthy & accomplished chocolatier aspires for. A soft ganache centre and coatings of raspberry, coffee, orange or just plain old dark chocolate, the truffles at Linoui are made to enchant and engulf one’s senses with their taste. Offering you that rare Belgian experience of true dark chocolate, ganache, buttercream & nut pastes, delivered at your doorstep.

1 Item(s)