9 Item(s)

  1. Coconut Truffle

    Coconut Truffle

    Belgian white chocolate and homemade coconut jam enrobed in milk chocolate & coconut sprinkles.
  2. Classic Truffle

    Classic Truffle

    Belgian chocolate enrobed with Swiss milk chocolate
  3. Coffee Truffle

    Coffee Truffle

    Swiss milk chocolate and coffee.
  4. Dark (Signature Truffle)

    Dark (Signature Truffle)

    A Belgian truffle with dark chocolate enrobed with cocoa powder. A signature offering.
  5. Hazelnut Truffle

    Hazelnut Truffle

    Swiss and Belgian milk chocolate with hazelnut.
  6. Orange Truffle

    Orange Truffle

    Belgian dark chocolate and orange zest
  7. White Truffle

    White Truffle

    Belgian white chocolate truffle
  8. Extra Dark Truffle

    Extra Dark Truffle

    Over 70% cocoa
  9. Cranberry Truffle

    Cranberry Truffle

    Belgian dark chocolate with chopped cranberries

9 Item(s)