Coffee Truffle

Coffee Truffle

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The richness of Swiss milk chocolate blended with the native tastes of coffee from the lavish estates of Chikmaglur to give you the uniquely blended Coffee Truffle. A treat for any day.

NO added preservatives/ additives |  NO artificial colors | NO artificial flavors.

Our ZERO adulteration policy ensures our chocolates are as good as they can get. 


Truffles, and serving them in their truest form, is what any worthy & accomplished chocolatier aspires for. A soft ganache centre and coatings of raspberry, coffee, orange or just plain old dark chocolate, the truffles at Linoui are made to enchant and engulf one’s senses with their taste. Offering you that rare Belgian experience of true dark chocolate, ganache, buttercream & nut pastes, delivered at your doorstep.

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Swiss milk chocolate blended with coffee.

Order out your favorite truffle from us or visit us at our Chocolaterie. Truffles make for the perfect celebration of any occasion. So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, a promotion, a get-together or just a casual solo eat, real chocolate truffles make your day that much sweeter. Linoui, the one stop destination in Bangalore for the purest & the richest couverture chocolates, does not add preservatives/additives, artificial color, or any artificial flavors.


Fact file: The truffle is a small wild mushroom found growing near tree roots in the forests. Since the chocolate truffle resembles this little mushroom so much, the creators of this masterpiece decided that it should be named after it.

The actual truffle was an exquisite dish, very expensive and eaten only by the royals and extremely wealthy of France. Giving the new chocolate creation this name automatically elevated the status.

Until today, the chocolate truffle is associated with wealth and luxury.

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