Crunch Cake

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Size: 500g

Product Description :

Just the cake to lift up a sagging mood, to enliven the joys of eating & celebrating, this is the perfect  butterscotch cake made from layers of fresh dairy cream, crunch and almond sponge. Using almond powder, butter, cashew , dairy whipping cream, eggs, flour, hazelnut, sugar & vanilla, this cake is firm in texture and high on the sweet index.

A perfect ask for celebrating any event this is a light cake with layers of almond sponge, fresh whipping cream from France and home made crunch using almonds and cashews.

And yet no matter what the occasion a Linoui Chocolate Cake packs the purity & the richness of real couverture Belgian Chocolate to make it that much happier & festive. Delivered right at your doorstep each cake of Linoui Chocolate is just a phone call away or can be ordered from the website.

Linoui Chocolates, the one stop destination in Bangalore for the purest & the richest couverture chocolates, has no added preservatives/additives, no artificial colour, no artificial flavours, no vegetable fat, no cake gels, no sugary syrup to soften the cake.

Fact : Crunch is made in-house using cashews and almonds, to guarantee the authentic taste.