It means 'extraordinary, incredible, unheard of, unprecedented’ in French.
Once you taste our chocolate, we’re sure you’ll agree.
L’inoui is a little chocolaterie in Bangalore that has a truly delicious mission – to bring the finest chocolates and the fine art of chocolate making to Bangalore. With a passion (and palate) for the finer things in life and the best chefs in the country, we’re going to change the way you look at chocolate. 

Crème de la Crème

Difference You Can See, But More Importantly, Taste. We go the extra mile - quite literally. Our ingredients are brought in from around the world – California, Belgium, Switzerland, and little corners of Europe where chocolate making is a hereditary art. Our couverture chocolates are made with pure cocoa butter with no vegetable oil, additives or preservatives. Though our ingredients are from all over the world, they are handcrafted with love in India.

We’re constantly experimenting with tasty new flavours that will keep you coming back for more. In fact, L’inoui was the first chocolaterie in Bangalore to introduce delightful indulgences like the Chocolate Bombe, and our specialty Hot Chocolate Sticks.

So order yourself a box of macarons, truffles or perhaps a choco or two. And take your taste buds on a trip. Nibble by nibble. 

Brand & Story

While most great ideas start off with a bang, ours began with a little sip. Actually, it was the third sip in a quaint café in Brugge, Belgium.

Anusha A Chowdaiah, (Founder & CEO) sat mesmerized ~ the hot chocolate she had just tasted had no equal back home in Bangalore. And while she was not much of a chocoholic, she now found herself overwhelmed with what she had just experienced. What she had sipped had more than tantalized her taste buds, it became her sweet obsession! “This was the moment L’inoui was born. Well, almost.”

She still had semesters of her Masters to get through first. That one a half year was dedicated to researching chocolate and the chocolate industry. Most pastries in India try to appeal to the masses not via taste, but cost. So, corners are cut, substitutes are employed and an impersonator is born. The little treats often come out overly sugary and underwhelming. And the customer is left wanting.

“There was an urge in me to start a company which is on a par with international brands in terms of quality. I feel we as Indians definitely have it in us to build world class companies” – Anusha A Chowdaiah.

Anusha landed back in Bangalore and brought together a team that shared her vision. And with her parents’ support, she started up a little store that would go on to make waves! And the rest is (delicious) history. 

Our First Chocolaterie

The first baby step in presenting ‘L’inoui’ to the world was a challenging one, as it had to represent European architecture yet be unique in its own way, one which would resonate the aura of the brand.

The solution was precise and to the point ~ an old nouveau style structure! A glass structure inspired by the old industrial era of Europe, with three of its sides opening up to anyone who walks into the cordoned off area to be served with sweet chocolates and other goodies.

A breathe of fresh air amid the busily flashing neon advertising glow of a busy mall, this space transports you to the cobbled streets of Belgium, the frames, grills and even the old fashioned Edison lamps reminding you of classic European architecture.

Stop by our café at Hatworks Boulevard, for a chocolate experience like no other.