What are couverture chocolates? 

​​Real couverture chocolate is made using cocoa butter, which is part of the cocoa bean itself. Cocoa butter is the most expensive ingredient in chocolate and is, hence, substituted with vegetable fat robbing the chocolate of its fine taste and texture. At L'inoui, we use pure cocoa butter chocolates in all our products.

What is the difference between Belgian and Swiss Chocolate? 

Besides the origin, Belgian and Swiss chocolate differ in their taste and texture. Swiss chocolates are usually made with milk chocolate and have a smooth texture while Belgian chocolates are darker and denser. 

Why are Belgian chocolates so famous? 

The origin of Belgian chocolates dates back to the early 19th century when cocoa was shipped to Belgium from African colonies. They became famous across the world for mastering the technique of making pralines that had a hard chocolate shell and a soft center. Belgian chocolates are the definition of quality and mastery of the art of chocolate-making. 

What is the difference between dairy and non-dairy cream? 

Cow's milk in India does not have the required 30% fat content to make whipping cream. This is why 99% of the whipped cream available is non-dairy and is made with substitutes that may be harmful to health. L'inoui uses only 100% dairy cream in all our products for the best in taste and quality. 

Do you ship your chocolates and cakes across India? 

Our orders are delivered according to PIN codes. As we are a small team, slowly expanding our services, our delivery perimeter is currently limited to only a few destinations. 

Do I have to place a cake order in advance? 

Yes. We can get your cake ready in as little as 2 hours. However, this differs according to the type of celebration cake that you wish to order. So, it is best that you place your orders at least 24 hours in advance.